What Makes FFIC Different?

You may be at a crucial point in your life and are earnest in finding just the right church for you to become a part of. With this is mind, you may be asking, “So what makes FFIC different from any other church?" Or your inquiry may be, “Why should I be interested in what FFIC has to offer?”

Let me first begin by telling you that as is the case with so many other fine local churches, FFIC is founded upon the central belief that Jesus is Lord. When we say that we are different in any way from maybe the church just down the street, this is not to make such a statement from an exclusive, privatized concept that we have stumbled onto something that no one else has yet to discover. Rather, this is simply our affirmation, that much as the individual has their own unique DNA which makes them unique as a person, so too our church has a spiritual DNA which allows it to be easily identifiable and unique from other churches.

I would welcome you to examine our statements of faith at your leisure. However, suffice it for me to state here that there are a couple of core areas of belief founded upon the Word that we believe and practice that many other churches do not. Namely, we believe “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). To us, the profound ramifications of this simple verse transfers to our conviction that Jesus still heals the physically sick today from disease and pain, and He still baptizes all who will believe with the Holy Spirit and the evidence of speaking with other tongues (Acts 2:4, 38-39). Aside from this, you will find that our church is largely aligned doctrinally and fundamentally with other denominational persuasions that would not agree with my former two points.

Beyond doctrinal considerations, both conscience and the lateness of the hour regarding where we now stand on the timeline of human history (1 Peter 4:7), indicate that political correctness and a watering down of the truth of the Word of God for fear of offending an individual, and furthermore as a church growth strategy, will not be found at FFIC (2 Tim. 4:3-4). Our minds are made up, our hearts are aflame, and our hands are riveted to the plow!

Our vision as both a church and ministry is global. The fallout of our influence will be far and wide. From the broadcast of the Word, to our support of missions all over the world, FFIC’s footprint will be found on soils both domestic and foreign.

Do these things appeal to your heart? Then we look forward to seeing you fellowshipping with us soon.

Laboring together with you,

Pastor Chris Cochran